What Does 180 Years Smell Like? Heaven, When You're Guerlain

Guerlain makes some of the most beautiful perfumes in the world: l'Heure Bleu, Jicky and the Queen of All Perfumes, Shalimar. One of the oldest, most famous Parisian design houses, Guerlain has been making luxury perfumes since 1828 and for many perfume fans, it represents the highest standard of the art.

Guerlain fans will not want to miss the Fragrance Experience Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus on December 8 and 9. National Fragrance and Beauty Director Marie Line Patry will host the two-day, in-store event, which features a customized fragrance experience as well as a variety of Guerlain cosmetics.

The trunk that houses the fragrances measures more than five feet tall, and each drawer will uncover a new dimension of fragrances representing the history of the company's perfume catalogue. The show will be a multimedia experience, including videos and music to accompany the library of perfumes.

To take part in this exclusive Guerlain opportunity, visit Neiman Marcus in the Galleria on December 8 and 9 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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