What Not to Name Your Charity Event: "Pink at the Brown"

We know we're not the only ones with dirty minds out there.

On page two of a Google search for this charity event, we were treated to questions that probably wouldn't be heard in the crowd attending "Pink at the Brown," an annual fundraiser for the Pink Ribbons Project, March 26 at Wortham Center's Brown Theater. We get it: Pink Ribbons...Brown Theater. They're colors! Genius. But wait. If you're unfamiliar with the Pink Ribbons Project, it's an organization started by dancers (Hope Stone's Jane Weiner, in particular) to raise money for breast cancer research.

Because...well, "Pink at the Brown" makes us think of nipples. "Tanning nipples," as an anonymous female friend told us. "Are yours pink or brown?" "Do you prefer pink or brown?" The sexual innuendo only moves south from there.

Of course, humor and slang exist among breast cancer causes, but we're guessing the Pink Ribbons Project didn't intend the overtly sexual imagery this particular title conjures.

Or it's really smart marketing.

Or we're perverts.

Know any other examples of questionably titled charity events?

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Troy Schulze
Contact: Troy Schulze