Whatchu' Talkin' About Siri? Our Favorite Siri-isms

Siri, will the Siri hype end anytime soon?

iPhone 4 madness has dominated the interwebs since its recent release, and we are just about over it... but not quite yet. We found at least ten different Web sites, Tumblrs and blogs with no other purpose than to ask Siri random questions to see how she'll respond. Apparently, no one has anything better to do than sit around, trying to make their phone say inappropriate things and then blog about it (yes, we see the paradox in that sentence).

Who's Siri, you ask? She's the voice-activated digital assistant for the new iPhone 4. Think HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but sassier and without the ability to kill you. You can ask Siri anything your heart desires and five out of ten times, she will actually get you on the right track. If you want to set a reminder to take the cookies out of the oven, ask Siri. Want to find a place to eat in your hood, ask Siri. Looking for a good place to hide a dead body, yep, Siri can find that for you, too.

Of the many online destinations we found exploiting Siri's goodwill and Vulcan-like charm, most of them were fairly similar. There is Why, Siri, Why?!, Sh*t Siri Says, Sirifunny.com and siriousfail.com, which requests users to upload a screen shot of the questions Siri gets the answer wrong to. As you can imagine, inquiries tend to fall on the blue side of the spectrum, with lots of four-letter words. Some of them are very funny, most of them are not.

Instead of making you look up the best Siri quotes yourself, Art Attack has saved you some time with our list of the top ten best things to ask Siri (as stolen from various Web sites).

10. The Most Photoshopped Siri Answer

9. Is Siri Being Facetious?

8. Siri Is a One Phone Kinda Gal

7. Not All That Helpful, But at Least She Tried

6. Who Knew It Was That Easy to Get a Job at Apple?

5. Getting a Little Cocky, Aren't We, Siri?

4. Does Siri Need a Good Rogering ?

3. Siri Thinks Subarus Are Really Masculine Cars

2. Siri Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

1. You Don't Have to Pretend to Be Anyone But Yourself with Siri

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