What's in Fashion: Men's Trends & Underwire Thongs

Lots of breaking fashion news hits the interwebs and I don't want you to miss one bit of it. So, I present some of the biggest headlines each week for your reading pleasure.

Click and enjoy!

Trends for men, you let me know what you think. via Fashionista

Asymmetrical man thong. I can't even think of anything else to say. NSFW via Buzzfeed

...and its female equivalent. via Buzzfeed

Lupita is the newest Vogue covergirl. via Vogue

This store will let you test drive your clothes before purchase. Hmmmm. via Kotaku

The New York Times new lead fashion critic wraps up her first month. via Refinery29

Amazon finally unveils its first smartphone. via Amazon

Hair care company Pantene is taking women's issue head on in new ads. via YouTube

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Cherise Luter
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