What's in Fashion: Selling Pot for a Prom Dress, Kohl's Gets Cool, Spanx for Your Eyes

Lots of breaking fashion news hits the interwebs and I don't want you to miss one bit of it. So, I present some of the biggest headlines each week for your reading pleasure.

Click and enjoy!

Maybe Gisele isn't as rich as people think she is... or so says the IRS. via Fashionista

Kohl's just got a lot more fashionable thanks to Peter Som. via Racked

Katy Perry channels Kermit the Frog for new look. via Glamour Magazine

When will the whole wearing Native American headresses as fashion end?! via Jezebel

A selfie taking mirror...scary. via Mashable

Best. Cover. Ever. (Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Rolling Stone) via NY Daily News

Sometimes you gotta do what yah gotta do for fashion, including selling pot. via NY Magazine

Spanx for your eyes. via Refinery 29

Veet pulls offensive ad after internet outrage. via Washington Post

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