Which Hollywood Hunk is Hot Enough to Be the New Batman?

After the success of Man of Steel, it is no surprise that a spin off has been given the go ahead. Surprisingly though is that it's not a Justice League movie as most anticipated, but instead will be a Superman/Batman duo film. British hunk Henry Cavill has already said yes to reprising his role as Superman, but it's unlikely that Dark Knight cutie Christian Bale will do the same.

So now there's the tough decision Hollywood will have to make about who will play then new Batman. Obviously it will have to be someone just as hunky as Henry Cavill if we are going to have an overall even film. But then who measures up to Cavill? I turned to the Internet to take a look and see whom others had in mind.

First off, I'm just going to ignore some of the names that have been thrown out there like Ryan Gosling. Yes, Gosling is cute, but he would look like a toothpick next to Cavill; I'm sorry we're going to have to go bigger.

Let's say someone like newbie Jai Courtney. This muscly Aussie has already been in two action films in the past two years, A Good Day to Die Hard and Jack Reacher. Although his acting was not too great in the fifth Die Hard film, he proved he could play darker roles with his performance in Reacher and kick a little butt.

If not him maybe Chris Hemsworth then. Even though he is already playing Thor and some comic fans might hate the idea, I think Hemsworth could play a convincing Batman.

I would agree with bloggers about Matt Bomer, but he looks a lot like Cavill and that might be confusing for audiences. I might have even suggested Tom Hardy, but since he already played Batman nemesis Bane in the last Batman movie, I don't see how it would work.

Some suggestions have been ridiculous. For example: Josh Brolin. Who came up with this one? Love you Josh, but he is better with government type roles. Michael Fassbender? Don't see it. (Although he might be good in one of the main bad guy roles.) And then there is Bradley Cooper. Really people? The guy from The Hangover as Batman?

Armie Hammer, who played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network has also come up in talks, I'm guessing because The Lone Ranger came out recently. He's cute, but not brunette enough to play the dark knight.

Honestly, there really aren't too many people that could pull of the brooding, mysterious and sexy sides of Batman the way that Bale can. Hopefully he'll accept that supposed $50 million offer that was allegedly thrown his way and take up the role one last time. If not, I think we are going to have go with someone new on this one.

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