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Who Said It: Louis C.K. or Ted Nugent?

Louis C.K.'s hit FX show Louie doesn't resume until June, but from the buzz going on you would think it starts tomorrow. To get his fans riled up, C.K. let loose a teaser to wreak havoc across the Inter-tubes. The teaser is brilliant, naturally.

C.K.'s in-your-face, raw, honest brand of humor has taken the world by storm. He has found himself at the top of several esteemed media lists, most recently Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World." Despite the accolades, C.K.'s humor has not lost any sense of humility nor changed directions. He's still a depressed schlub and that's why the world is in love with him. That and the fact that the guy is hilarious!

On the farthest, other side of the comedy spectrum, aging rocker Ted Nugent is getting slammed for spewing insults at the Democratic Party. Speaking at a National Rifle Association convention, Nugent compared the Obama administration to "coyotes" that should be taken down...with bullets. What were you thinking, Nugent? Apparently he was not thinking at all, because his actions have gotten the attention of the Secret Service. Hey, if you make death threats against the president, don't be shocked if the secret service shows up at your door.

Never shy to speak his mind, over the years Nugent has made some pretty outrageous comments. If taken out of context, these Nugentisms are quite funny, scary but funny. Comedians are always pushing the envelope; Louis C.K. is well known for sharing his love of masturbation! If Nugent were gunning to be a comedian, his batty, gun-toting, psycho-patriotism shtick just might fly.

Who said it: Louis C.K. or Ted Nugent?

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Abby Koenig
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