Who Wants to Be a Sexy Hamburger for Halloween?

What girl doesn't want to dress to impress this Halloween as a sexy, sleek, chic, hamburger with lettuce, tomato and a thick, juicy beef patty? Someone call the health inspector!

This weekend on Tumblr I found a link for a women's hamburger costume, available at sexy online outlet Yandy, your one-stop shop on the Net for costumes sexualizing things that were already sexy on their own.

REWIND: Sexy Halloween Costume Challenge For the Ladies

Ever wanted to be a sexy Tootsie Roll? They have a costume for you.

Fellas, I know we don't get love when it comes to the "sexy Halloween costume" sweepstakes. If we wanna be a sexy anything, we have to spend months in the gym and hours at the waxing house to be anything close to hunky for Halloween.

But here it is. You can be the Hamburger Helper Hand for the kookiest and ookiest Halloween party of the season, and also remind people that they need to buy some beef on the way home.

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