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Why Elsa Not Having a Prince in Frozen Is Actually a Problem

Like every other parent in the country, I've spent the last week watching Frozen on endless repeat thanks to the DVD release. It's OK, really, I like the film a lot, and there are worse things my daughter has forced into my head over and over again.

However, something has been bothering me about the movie. No, not the hidden gay agenda thing. I'm totally cool with that. What bothers me is that Elsa at no point in the story ever seems to want or need a prince to marry, and that is actually a problem.

Now, before you head to the comments and start screaming about the patriarchy, let me state that I am glad to finally get a female-led Disney film more focused on the nature of sisterhood than simply hooking the pretty people up for a fairytale wedding. It was a welcome change of pace that has been long overdue. In terms of groundbreaking (For Disney) character growth and gender roles, Frozen leaves the rest all behind. I applaud that.

My objections are more practical, and I freely admit that they may be colored by all the Game of Thrones I've been reading.

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