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Why Independence Day Is Better Than Independence Day

When I was a kid, Michael Bay Roland Emmerich made a movie out of explosions, aliens and Bill Pullman that he called Independence Day. There is a greater chance of you being a lizard person than of you not having seen it, so I'll skip the plot recap. As far as big-budget, mindless action spectacles go, it is one of the best, certainly worth stopping to watch on a channel surf. Plus, it inspired a really kick-ass Star Fox level, so bonus points there.

However, there are problems with the flick that a little analysis brings out. That dog would never have survived, no government would ever be desperate enough to give America's Treasure, Randy Quaid, a jet with missiles, and do you really expect a society that can't handle server overload on Diablo III to be able to create a computer virus capable of taking out a system that handles interstellar travel?

Also, why the hell is this film called Independence Day?

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