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Why Sofia the First Will End in a Bloody Civil War

My primary hobby in the world is overanalyzing the complex feudal politics of the kingdoms in Disney. It's how I relax. I've already explained before how Brave is not just the story of a plucky young woman finding the strength to be who she really is, but also a complex plot by her father to ensure that his line will maintain the loyalty of the lords underneath him through a combination of feminism and perpetual hope of a union. There was also my bit about how Elsa's status as a woman who is not defined by her romantic partner might be the lesson young girls need in the modern world, but creates a problem if Arendelle is to know continued peace.

Lately the princess that my daughter has been shoving into my eyeholes continuously is Sofia of the show Sofia the First. It's not a bad show, most of the time. The focus remains on learning how to be kind and fair, which is certainly something that we can all agree the world needs more of.

However, after sitting through probably my 125th episode I suddenly realized that if the tale of Sofia is taken far enough it's definitely doing to end in a blood civil war.

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