Wilfred: "Acceptance"

This week, only two of the questions regular reviewer Pete Vonder Haar posed at the end of last week's recap (Why is Wilfred over at Ryan's house all the time now? Did Jenna die? Isn't California expensive? How the hell are all these people able to live their without jobs? What happened to Ryan's sister? And where the hell is this show going?) were answered, as Ryan was reunited with his overpowering sister, Kristen and as Jenna showed up yet again. The jury's still out on where this show is going and why these people don't have jobs but can still afford enough pot to hotbox their cars. After last night's episode, I'm not sure that this show is really meant to "go" anywhere, but to simply exist for the hell of it. Oh yeah, and there were dog rape jokes, too.

The show opens with Ryan walking into the kitchen, where Wilfred is rubbing his ass on the carpet. When Ryan complains, Wilfred explains that his glands need to be expressed. "Know how Jenna got me to stop chewing her panties?" Wilfred says, dipping a pink pair of underthings in his tea. "She didn't."

Kristen's ankle is broken, so Ryan, in an effort to raise Kristen's opinion of him, offers to drive her to work, which means he has to leave Wilfred in the hands of a perky dog daycare owner with a penchant for peanut butter (Ed Helms). Wilfred enters the daycare decked out like a 2-year-old, with a red ball cap and a knapsack. Quirky.

When Ryan picks up Wilfred, the dog is distant and pees on a wall. When Ryan gives him an extremely phallic ice cream cone and Wilfred starts crying as he eats it, Ryan realizes what has happened (or maybe hasn't happened, as Ryan later accuses Wilfred of making the story up and using Ryan's guilt to manipulate him).

The jokes allude more to Hollywood cliches (Wilfred crying in a shower pretending to go to the bathroom, Wilfred eating soup and wrapped up in a blanket after being comforted by Ryan) instead of being straight-up rape jokes, which was a good call by the show's writers, since rape jokes tend to be pretty sick, unfunny and not worth the hate mail they would have received.

Wilfred is taken back to the doggie daycare by Jenna, but Ryan comes to his rescue. Or not. We're still not sure whether Ed Helms is a perv or not. In any case, they rescue a ratty old Teddy bear ("Bear's got it worse," Wilfred told Ryan earlier) when Ryan pulls a squirt gun on Ed Helms (who's wearing a fanny pack).

So ends the episode, and we're left with even more questions: Is Helms a dog/Teddy bear rapist or isn't he? Why can't Jenna take care of her own dog? Why do all of these basements look like Midwestern basements? I thought this took place in California? And why does Elijah Wood still scare the hell out of me?

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