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Wilfred: "Fear"

This week, we achieve the long-awaited resolution to Wilfred's surreptitious placement of Ryan's wallet after breaking into Spencer's (Ethan Supplee) house, while nothing much happens to advance any other aspect of the overall story.

And really, three episodes in to the series, it looks more like each episode is going to be more of a standalone, conventional plot (well, as conventional as we'd expect with a pot-smoking dog and frequent references to anal sex) that gradually advances whatever Wilfred's agenda is; this week, he attempts to stiffen Ryan's spine, with mixed results.

Spencer is understandably incensed when he discovers the wallet and pays Ryan a visit, believing him to be the guy who stole his weed and befouled his footwear. Ryan rejects Wifred's suggestion that he assert his canine alpha-male dominance by bending Spencer over and "dominating" him, and instead commiserates with his hulking neighbor by claiming his house was broken into as well. Naturally, his subterfuge backfires when Spencer decides this is a bonding moment and comes over to "porn out" with his laptop and a case of beer.

Okay, I haven't owned a dog since I was a kid, but this is the first I've heard of that whole "domination" thing. If accurate, I may have to reconsider pet choices for the kids.

Wilfred can see where this burgeoning friendship is going, even if Ryan can't. The pair head to Club Medea (pronounced by Spencer "Clubmydia") for more adult shenanigans. I've only ever been to one strip club in California (and that was in Orange County, so it doesn't really count), but the dancers aren't really required to wear bikinis statewide, are they? I'm sure I remember actual nudity in similar scenes from Beverly Hills Cop and Dragnet.

Fed up with Wilfred's criticism, Ryan allows Spencer to taunt him with a laser pointer - one of the show's more amusing aspects is Wilfred's inability to resist certain doggie weaknesses - which results in him attacking the wife of their Indian neighbor and getting sent to the pound, which the dogcatcher naturally refers to as "the farm." Wilfred seems pleased at the idea.

The final straw comes when Spencer brings the dogcatcher (who, of course, used to be his best friend) over for another day of "porning." Ryan finally stands up to his neighbor, who decks him, and is in turn knocked out by Wilfred, armed with a cow's femur Ryan gifted him earlier.

All I came away with after last night were questions: Why is Wilfred over at Ryan's house all the time now? Did Jenna die? Isn't California expensive? How the hell are all these people able to live their without jobs? What happened to Ryan's sister? And where the hell is this show going?

Next week: Ed Helms puts peanut butter on his cock. Or so I surmise.

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