Wilfred: Venturing Into Premium Network Territory

It had to happen.

Given the show's proclivities for narcotics, pornography and stuffed animal humping (always with the stuffed animal humping), it shouldn't have come as a surprise last night when Wilfred veered into territory barely suited for the premium networks, much less a basic cable network like FX.

Instead of seeing the act in question, it was revealed to the audience (and Ryan) after the fact. They even attempted to raise some doubts about whether or not it actually happened, but longtime viewers know the truth.

At long last, a TV series besides Mister Ed has embraced bestiality.

"Pride" felt a bit like running in place after the last few weeks. Ryan, feeling the bite during these tough economic times, decides he needs to look for a job (which Wilfred insists are solely "for immigrants") rather than borrow money from his sister. Not wishing to lose his constant companion, Wilfred steers Ryan's car into another, erroneously assuming Ryan can sue for big money. Unfortunately, the driver he slams into is a female version of Buddy Ackermann from Swimming with Sharks, and is unsympathetic to Ryan's financial situation. Namely, that he's "between insurance policies."

Where Ryan sees disaster, Wilfred sees opportunity (and the chance to ditch his "semen-drenched teddy bear" for Raffi the Giraffe): rather than fork over the $4800 he doesn't have for repairs, maybe Ryan could -- *cough* -- work out some kind of trade? Beth (Malcolm in the Middle's Jane Kaczmarek) is a hot to trot single mom/business executive, after all, and seems amenable to forgiving Ryan's debt in exchange for certain favors.

Let he who has not abased himself for money cast the first stone.

The aforementioned taboo is broken after Ryan and Beth fall asleep and Wilfred, willing to lend a tongue...well, you get the idea. Beth is sated, Wilfred has "gone to town on the deepest throat in the stuffed animal kingdom" (in one of the most explicitly shot faux sex scenes outside of Cinemax) and Ryan is no longer, uh, "in the hole" for almost $5K in repairs. All's well that ends well.

Yeah. Look, Wilfred's not for everyone. Maybe it's the fact the show airs near the end of a typically exhausting week, maybe I'm just a grown man with the sense of humor of a particularly vile ten-year-old, but I find myself laughing a lot during an average episode of Wilfred. The addition of Kaczmarek was a great move, and she gives as good as she gets (after Ryan tries to delay the inevitable by offering dessert to her son: "He doesn't need any dessert, look at his tits"). The final scene takes what has already been an uncomfortable premise and manages to add on.

That's why I like the show. There's literally nothing else like it on TV right now, and it consistently delivers.

Next week: Ghooooooost dog.

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