Will Pixels Finally Give Us a Sandler/James Film Worth Watching?

Will Pixels Finally Give Us a Sandler/James Film Worth Watching?

When was the last time you were actually excited for an Adam Sandler movie?

Funny People (2009)? Reign Over Me (2007)? Punch-Drunk Love (2002)?

I jest -- kinda -- but the reality is that while he's continued to put out movies over the past five years, it feels like it's been awhile since any of them were worth getting excited for. They might have made money and you might have gone to see them because there was nothing else worthwhile at the theater that weekend, but were you really excited about it?

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And still, I don't begrudge Sandler or Kevin James for their success or what they've decided to do with their careers. They found their hustle and they're making money with it. It may not be capital-a-Art, but apparently it works for some people.

As for Pixels, this may actually be something to get excited about.

Personal bias: I love trailers that play against their type. Cutting a trailer for an effects-heavy comedy in a super-serious fashion is actually pretty funny, and it's a much better way to introduce the film than the standard-issue trailer we'll probably get before the film finally hits theaters.

Pixels looks like it has potential. Trailers can be misleading as hell, but from what we see here, it looks like the tone of the film might be just right. I mean, better something like Pixels than someone trying to make a grimdark version of Space Invaders, which is totally something Hollywood would try to do.

Fine, seeing Pac-Man as a villain is weird, but it's also not actually Pac-Man, so try not to get too upset about it.

Shame this is a Sony film, though, as that means no Wreck-It Ralph cameo. That would be amazing.

Now that you've seen the trailer, take two and a half minutes out of your day and watch the original short film that the movie is based on. While it clearly wasn't made with the budge of the theatrical version, it has a charm and remains impressive even five years after its release.

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