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Winners of the Master Pancake's The Notebook Screening

On Wednesday we told you about Master Pancake Theater, four-time winners of the best comedy troupe in Austin, and their screening of heartthrob hipster Ryan Gosling's romantic date-movie The Notebook at Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks this Saturday night.

Master Pancake screens films with sarcastic Mystery Science Theater-like voice-overs, and a cloying film like the 2004 tear-jerking is pretty much the perfect movie to get all ironic over.

Luckily, we've got two sets of tickets to give away, one pair for the 7 p.m. screening and one for the 10 p.m. screening. A few days ago, we asked fans of the Baby Goose to identify quotes from several of Gosling's movies, as well as the name of his character in each film. The answers, and the winners, after the jump.

First, the film quotes:

1. Hey kid, you want a toothpick.

2. In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is, which makes you insane.

3. I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year.

4. The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise.

5. Change moves in spirals, not circles. For example, the sun goes up and then it goes down. But everytime that happens, what do you get? You get a new day. You get a new one.

6. Like a burn. Like when you go outside and your feet freeze and you come back in and then they thaw out? It's like that. It's almost exactly like that.

7. I don't think the gun grew little gun legs and walked out of the house. It's in here somewhere, find it.

8. It's not awful; it's just different. People talk to each other. And there's a ham, with pineapple on it, and little cherries on it...

We got more responses than we expected, but unfortunately, not everyone followed the directions. Among those that did, two winners were chosen using the Internet Randomizer. Readers Lisa Warmels and Jillian Gonzalez will each be getting two tickets to the screening of their choice. Check your inboxes, ladies.

Now onto the answers. We liked Warmel's responses so much we're gonna turn to her for the key.

1. Drive, he plays a man who drives and drives and melts the heart of women... everywhere

2. Blue Valentine, he plays Dean Pereira (making it difficult to decide whether i love him or feel bad for him)

3. The Notebook, he plays Noah Calhoun (this is the only Ryan Gosling film I've never seen)

4. Crazy Stupid Love, he plays a straight out of GQ man named Jacob Palmer

5. Half Nelson, he plays the teacher Dan Dunne

6. Lars and the Real Girl, he plays Lars Lindstrom (a creepy, but really sweet fella)

7. Fracture, he is Willy Beachum who is mindeffed by Anthony Hopkins

8. All Good Things, he plays David Marks (did he kill her?!)

My favorite film he's ever been in is The Believer where he plays an anti-Semitic, Jewish... Nazi. It's an incredible film, if you haven't seen it before!

Master Pancake Theater presents The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling, 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12, at Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks, 1000 West Oaks Mall.

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