Wook At Dah Kittenfaces! Don't You Just Wanna Squeeze And Wuv On Thems? #kittenfaces

This week I found a new site, Kittenfaces, for your productivity-wasting pleasure. I'm allergic to cats, so the closest I can really get to the animals is looking at pictures online, which sounds totally weeeeeird when you think about it.

That's what reformed child molesters probably say. Anyhow, even though I can't play with the kitties, I can sure as hell look at pictures of them all online. And have.

Kittenfaces uses facial recognition software to affix kittenfaces to pictures that you upload. As with any online imaging application, it doesn't always work, and some pictures get kicked back without the pussy. I bet you wondered how long it would take for me to drop the p-word.

Here's a few kittenface pictures I made. They don't line up to terribly well, and if you have a problem with that, why don't you just open up Photoshop and go screw yourself. I'm just trying to help. And yes, I wasted my time making these pictures, but it's not like I could have been curing cancer.

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