World Party

FRI 9/24

If Dubtex were food, it'd be awful. Any chef that mixes Jamaican with Middle Eastern with Latin with Texan is doing something very wrong and bad. Fortunately, Dubtex is a band, and in combining beats from all over the world with down-home lyrics and lots of drum 'n' bass, they've cooked up just the type of music you want to hear in a big ol' warehouse on a Friday night. The windows at Cryolab studios are sure to be shaking as Houston's live hip-hop, dancehall and drum 'n' base reggae crew throws it down this weekend. The group's sound is extremely eclectic, like its members' pasts (and their hairstyles): One has worked with Scarface, another with the Offspring; one has dabbled in melodic punk, another in Christian punk rock. Rick Partida, a.k.a. Lion 808, was with Houston's rap-metal group Planet Shock! before he became Dubtex's drummer and producer. Partida says the members' love for reggae brought them together, and that each contributed something different to the band's blended sound.

Cryolab is also where Dubtex is producing its first full-length album, which Partida says should come out toward the end of the year. On Friday they'll be playing some new and some older stuff, with help from DJs Swift, BMC, SDF3 and CEF. Got a craving for, well, everything? Then check out Dubtex's all-ages, BYOB (leave the glass bottles at home) live gig from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Friday, September 24. 2819 Pease. For information, visit $10. -- Julia Ramey

The Warwick Hotel's Absolut and Coke

I met my recent squeeze on a Friday afternoon at the Warwick Hotel (5701 Main, 713-526-1991), where we proceeded to throw back several rounds of her favorite libation: a healthy pour of Absolut vodka topped off with Coke (and I thought I drank bizarre drinks). We stumbled upstairs and made beautiful -- or rather, kinky -- love, and the next morning we hopped a plane for Chicago. My date's friend works at the beautiful Ravinia Outdoor Theatre there, and she'd gotten us third-row tickets for Kris Kristofferson, Trace Atkins and some other yahoo. Jesus Christ"Kris Kristofferson! At the last minute, I decided to throw my beloved guitar over my shoulder in case we got to meet Kris himself. At the show, we paraded around the lawn like the out-of-town Texans we were, decked out in cowboy boots, Western shirts and backpacks full of booze. After a river of Knob Creek and assorted party favors, we finally headed to our seats. Security took away our bottle of bourbon, but the show was amazing. As if that weren't enough, after the show, my date's friend came and escorted us out back to where Kris's car was waiting. Drunk, elated and speechless, I managed to get the bastard to sign my guitar! Then we had the nerve to follow him to his hotel, where we tried to talk the concierge into giving us a room number so we could "party with Kris."

2-1/4 ounces Absolut vodka
1-1/2 ounces Coke
Lime wedge

Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice and pour in a healthy dose of Absolut. Top off with Coke and garnish with a lime. Gets you loaded in no time. -- J.W. Crooker

Future Fabulous

FRI 9/24

Let's see where we stand: no flying cars, no fusion power, not even a freaking hoverboard. Oh, well, we've still got 11 years to live up to the expectations of Back to the Future Part II. For now, all we can do is dream -- and party. This weekend DJs Baby Roo, Jeff (from Boys and Girls Club), Salucema, and the Cheesy Cracka Collective are mixing up tracks old and new at Union's Back 2 the Future II party. There's no dress code, but if you can find any self-lacing shoes, wear 'em. There don't seem to be any prizes or free drinks if you show up in a DeLorean -- but man, there should be. 10 p.m. Friday, September 24. 202 Tuam, 713-529-5296. Free. -- Julia Ramey

Hot Wax

SAT 9/25

At the end of Charlie's Angels 2, we're treated to a slick, slo-mo version of any guy's fantasy: a hot car being washed by an even hotter Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. There they are -- sprawled on the hood, strategically covered in bubbles, spraying each other while giggling... Sorry, where were we? Live the dream today as bikini models from Houston Sports News clean your rig at Mike's Restaurant and Ice House. Catch live tunes and get an HSN swimsuit calendar autographed by the bouncy, bubbly car washer of your choice. At last, your chance to request a "buff job" from an attractive woman and not get slapped. 3 p.m. Saturday, September 25. 8737 Westpark. For information, call 713-782-6571. $15. -- Steven Devadanam

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