WorldFest set to Screen 55 Features and 100+ Shorts

WorldFest Houston International Film Festival has announced its lineup as well as its nominees for the Remi Awards.

The 44th annual shebang -- scheduled to take place from April 8 through April 17 at AMC Studio 30, 2949 Dunvale -- will showcase daily film screenings that include 21 world premieres and 23 represented nations.

Amongst the high-profile motion pictures and people are John Alan Simon's Radio Free Albemuth, which is based on the Philip K. Dick novel; Harry Thomasson, ex-star of Designing Women, who will screen his The Last Ride that fictionally chronicles Hank Williams just before he left the planet; and Queen of the Lord main squeeze Tanna Frederick, who has been nominated for WorldFest's Best Actress.

Meanwhile, the Remi Awards, whose namesake is Texas-cowboy-themed painter Frederic Remington, pits cinemas folks against one another in ten major categories. The list takes up 473 rows of an Excel spreadsheet; if you're super into big-time nerding out, download it for yourself.

Founded in 1961, WorldFest Houston, which bills itself as the third oldest international celluloid shindig in the continent, has given it up to big baller celluloid-ists such as The Coen Brothers, David Lynch, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in a town that desperately needs some real-deal repertory cinema.

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Steve Jansen is a contributing writer for the Houston Press.
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