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Wreck-It Ralph Is a Class Warfare Analogy

Welcome once again to Jef Overthinks Disney Films WAY Too Much Theatre

The Kid With One F was sick this weekend, which means I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch with her watching streaming video in order to keep her resting and healing. In the course of that I watched Wreck-It Ralph five times in 48 hours. It's one of my favorite animated films, so it was no hassle, but after sitting through so many viewings I realized the whole thing is an analogy for the broken version of capitalism in America.

Yes, seriously.

Let's look at Ralph. Ralph is a full-time worker. He has a job that he goes to every day, just like everyone else in the arcade. Yet, even though what he does is essential, and he performs his duty flawlessly, he is continuously punished by other citizens of Niceland.

I'm not talking about being thrown off the building once Felix fixes his rampage. That's just part of his job and he doesn't seem to regard it as any worse than any other aspect. What really gets Ralph down is his lack of regard or reward for being a primary part of the enterprise.

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