WTF is Trash Humpers?

Director and screenwriter Harmony Korine is known for shenanigans like his unfinished project Fight Harm, in which he engaged random individuals in street fights until the unwitting participants threatened to kill him. The project remains unfinished because Korine wound up hospitalized during filming. Also known for provocative, engrossing films like 1995's controversial Kids, for which he wrote the the screenplay, and Gummo (1997), about cat-killing kids in an Ohio suburb, his work is often rooted in absurdism and dark humor. But we don't know what to make of Trash Humpers, Korine's latest freakshow, except that it apparently involves a band of poverty-stricken old people (at least their faces have been cosmetically aged) who like to practice frottage with refuse receptacles, smash televisions and make porn. From the looks of the trailer, Korine is at his nihilistic best, injecting images of disturbing behavior with bizarre humor. For pedigree, the trailer includes the pullquotes "Riveting beyond all rationality" from Variety, and "A Confoundingly original and often funny nightmare" from The Huffington Post. Well, we couldn't agree more.

The film screens Friday, August 13, 9 p.m., at Domy Books, and we're predicting a packed, curious crowd. Get tickets soon.

Have a gander at the probably-NSFW trailer after the jump.

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