Yeah Baby! 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Austin Powers Movies

Today, we found out that Mike Myers is interested in a fourth installment of the Austin Powers franchise. While we find this news only slightly less despicable than the news of a third Bridget Jones movie, we are huge fans of the first film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, which came out in 1997 and boasted a bizarre cast that included supermodel Elizabeth Hurley and '60s dreamboat Michael York. It's also the best film of the three that are already out. Sure, the third one had Michael Caine, but even his "If you 'ave an issue, 'ere's a tissue" can't make up for the recycled jokes, the only kind-of funny Heineken ads and the scene where Austin drinks poo.

Still, all this talk of a fourth Austin Powers movie has gotten us a tad nostalgic for our favorite crushed velvet-sporting swinger. Let's hope he gets his mojo back.

We combed IMDB for little-known facts. Here are ten things you didn't know about the Austin Powers movies.

10. In The Spy Who Shagged Me, Basil's (Michael York's) remark to the audience about ignoring the mechanics of time travel was unscripted.

9. The father and son from the beginning of the group therapy scene in International Man of Mystery are the same father and son from the "I love you man!" / "You're not getting my Bud Light, Johnny" commercial.

8. The characters General Borchevsky and Commander Gilmore are named after two Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players and Mike Myers's dogs.

7. Sean Connery was considered to play Nigel Powers.

6. Other items on Austin's "Things to do before I die" list (from Goldmember): * Become International Man of Mystery * Be Cryogenically Frozen * Travel through Time, Backwards and Forwards * Catch Dr. Evil in the First Act * Find true love * Gain my father's respect

5. Michael York and Michael Caine, both veteran English actors with over 100 films each to his credit, had never worked on a film together before Goldmember.

4. Katie Couric makes a cameo as the cop who says "Time's up" when Frau Farbissina is visiting Dr. Evil in prison.

3. In International Man of Mystery's Las Vegas bar scene where Austin flashes the peace sign, Mike Myers originally wanted Austin to be drinking a Zima. Coors (owners of Zima) were keen on the idea until they realized they were being mocked, and pulled out. In the film, Austin's drinking a TAB instead.

2. The synchronized swimming for the opening sequence of The Spy Who Shagged Me was choreographed by Becky Dyroen-Lancer, captain of the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team that won the Gold Medal at the 1996 Olympics.

1. Dr. Evil's trademark gesture is an extended pinky finger held to the corner of his mouth. The name of the muscle that extends the pinky finger? The Extensor Digiti MINIMI.

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