Yoko Ono's "Imagine Peace" Billboard Returns to Houston for Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

Starting early this morning, Houston downtown commuters could see the simple, two-word phrase that has become symbolic of positive thinking in times of crisis, "Imagine Peace," hovering on a billboard above I-45.

The billboard, a public art installation designed by Yoko Ono (and based on John Lennon's legendary song "Imagine") in the aftermath of 9/11, is sponsored by Deborah Colton of Colton & Farb Gallery.

The installation both commemorates the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and coincides with the gallery's "Positive Perceptions" exhibition, a reflective show featuring artists including Robert Indiana, Ultra Violet and Jonas Mekas and focusing on themes of hope, light and love.

"[The billboard] also comes at a time when I think it's important to say those two words," Colton tells Art Attack.

Colton brought the billboard to Houston five years ago as part of the gallery's WORD show. People connect to the phrase, she says, because it can be interpreted in any number of ways -- all of them positive. "It can be about finding inner peace, peace in relationships or about achieving worldwide peace." she says.

"Imagine Peace" will be up on I-45, 500 feet South of I-10, at least until October 5. "Positive Perceptions" runs September 10 through November 5, 2445 North Boulevard.

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