You Can Own the Lion Water Fountain From the Houston Zoo

Question: What's the one picture every Houstonian's mother has in a photo album somewhere?

Answer: You drinking from the plastic lion fountain at the Houston Zoo. It's one of the most well-recognized signs of a Houston childhood there is, right up there with rolling down the hill in Hermann Park and keeping a snowball from one of our rare snowfalls in a sandwich bag in the freezer.

Well, if you'd like to own not just a picture but the actual lion water fountain itself, it's being sold for $450 on Craigslist.

Vintage Lion Statue that used to be a water fountain at the Houston Zoo. Very cool and unique you will not see another one like this. Made of fiberglass and stands approximately 5' tall.

We contacted the seller via email to inquire how he or she had gotten a hold of the statue in the first place. He or she responded that it had come from an auction but provided no further data.

Houston Zoo Director of PR Jackie Wallace informed us that the zoo hasn't authenticated the statue that the seller in Spring is offering online, but acknowledged that no one at the zoo knows how many of the water fountains it originally had on site. Wallace also assured us that there is still a lion statue near the lion exhibit, so families will still be getting the chance to take those pictures for the foreseeable future.

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