You Can't Be Half A Gangster: Season Three Teaser for Boardwalk Empire Premieres

If you have been following HBO's gangster bootlegging saga Boardwalk Empire the past two seasons, you have been subject to all manner of bloodshed, heartache and mother-fucking. And you, like me, have enjoyed every minute of it. Okay, the mother/son sex scenes not so much, but they only added to the thick drama and sticky violence of the show.

Not to give anything away, but last season's finale saw lead Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, played with uncharacteristic stealth and fury by Steve Buscemi, put down one of his friends and one-time colleagues.

And now, as season three gets ever closer -- premiering Sunday, September 16 -- we have nothing to do but think about how the next batch of episodes will play out. You'll notice in the trailer that Thompson's ring falls from his hand as he picks up his revolver. Are he and Margaret Schroeder not a thing anymore as Thompson goes full-on bad guy?

Frankly, I don't care as long as WWI vet sniper Richard Harrow is still killing people. Hell, give him a spin-off.

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