You Need to Watch Amy Schumer Immediately

I rarely pay attention to any of Youtube's "suggested" videos, mostly because they're primarily paid advertisements hidden behind too-obvious product placement or they're videos of cats with hats on. But for some reason, I clicked on the highlighted video called "Amy Schumer: Compliments." I had read about Schumer's new show on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer, but had been reluctant to give it a shot.

My reasoning behind not wanting to test the Schumer waters was twofold. First, Comedy Central has been steering me wrong as of late. Of the shows that Comedy Central has premiered in the past year, none have really grabbed me. I don't find The Jeselnik Offensive all that funny or even particularly offensive. I love Nick Kroll, but he shines more in supporting roles as opposed to leading the charge. And, hate me if you want, but I just cannot get into Key and Peele (I'm sorry; I've tried so hard to like this show).

My second cause for immediate rejection, and I am somewhat embarrassed to say it, is that I have lost some hope in female comedians. Say it ain't so! The media has been forward and backward, over and under, run to the hills and back about female comedians this past year and much of the negative predictions about the female funny gals of television have come true. I wanted to love The Mindy Project, but it lost me in the first few episodes, although I have read it has come back somewhat. The many faces of Whitney Cummings all look bad and canceled and I just can't with New Girl.

So my apprehension about watching, or even paying any attention to, Schumer's sketch comedy show was justified. But I was terribly wrong; Amy Schumer is hilarious. From one-night stands to a wild lunch out at a testicle-themed restaurant to ladies who refuse to accept compliments, Schumer has captured the weird yet totally relatable things people don't like to discuss in public, and she shoves them in your face. If you haven't watched the show on Comedy Central yet, you can always do that on the Internet because this is 2013.

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Abby Koenig
Contact: Abby Koenig