You Too Can Look and Smell Like Dita von Teese -- But Only if You Live in Europe

Dita von Teese is an arresting beauty, known as much for her dedication to the "bombshell pin-up" look and brief marriage to rocker Marilyn Manson as for her actual career as a burlesque dancer. If you attended her Strip, Strip, Hooray! show at the House of Blues last year you know that von Teese's beauty is not the product of an artful airbrushing--it's possible she is even more breathtakingly gorgeous in person.

Following the success of her perfume launch with Liberty London Gifts, von Teese has launched a new line of makeup with ArtDeco. The Dita von Teese Classics collection promises to deliver Dita's timeless, classic look with her signature "seduction, elegance, and a touch of mystery."

The Dita von Teese perfume is maddeningly elusive in the U.S.--available through Liberty London Gifts, the only current version of the perfume they have on sale (a 20 ml eau de parfum spray) is unavailable for shipping outside of the U.K. It is available through a few third-party retailers, but buying perfume online is a sketchy enough adventure -- if you are not ordering it directly from the supplier, you run the risk of getting a bottle someone emptied out and filled with something else completely. Can you believe that?

It's bad enough, taking a chance on buying a perfume without so much as a whiff to test it, but paying for juice that might not be the actual juice? No thanks. So as of now, it's practically impossible to get Dita's perfume here in the U.S., though one hopes that the perfume will be available at the swag table during her burlesque show. (Strip, Strip Hooray is currently touring again, and word is it will be coming through Houston. You should go--she is amazing.)

The new line of makeup doesn't seem any easier to procure; as of now it is only set to launch in Europe, so von Teese fans who wish to emulate her look -- pale face, neutral-but-exaggerated cat-eye, and red-red lips and nails -- will have to start begging friends overseas to ship them items from the ArtDeco line. Well known for doing her own hair and makeup (she rarely uses a styling team, except when doing a professional shoot) the line was created for fans who want to emulate Dita's signature style down to the signature, half-moon manicure she always wears.

Dita has also dropped hints in interviews that she is writing a book on beauty, something we are allowing ourselves to get tentatively excited about -- let's just hope we don't have to hop the pond to buy ourselves a copy.

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