Your First SXSW 2013 Fashion Report

Wednesday was the first official day of music at SXSW here in Austin, with a black cloud of denim, beards and loafers overtaking the city from the Interactive nerds.

This also means that the fashion scene got a whole lot easier on the eyes, or more questionable, depending on your POV.

Let's look at this year's crop of Sixth Street models, shall we?

This year's biggest must-have fashion accessory? An entire DJ setup in front of you at all times. It can get price-y, but bankruptcy is temporary, fashion is forever.

Remember on Mortal Kombat when you killed a dude and the game screamed "FLAWLESS VICTORY"? This is what that looks like as a person. Finish him!

All around are roving threesomes of girls, just waiting for a British accent, a great beard and cute butt to splinter them forever, or just the next 12 hours.

High-waisted jeans are still the rage, but sadly not for the boys.

Some bitches can leave the house in only an orange bandanna and still get noticed.

The boy on the left was already sporting a choice pompadour. His demo is aight.

Thanks a lot, PSY.


Another flawless victory, aided by the sweetest Bart shirt this side of whatever river there is between here and Houston. True, this may have been a late-night drunken eBay purchase, but sometimes booze is the best personal stylist you will ever have.

Denim is still king, until at least May, when you might as well be donning a burlap diaper.

Coke dealer or record exec? Or both?

These are the most photographed boots at SXSW, hanging from a power line on Sixth. The lucky person who snags them also gets a trip to the funeral home of his family's choice.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.