Your Meme of the Week: Cheese People

I worked at Domino's Pizza during college, not because I loved pizza or even because I liked not having to take drug tests. No, I did it because I loved being around cheese. Mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, American--it was all around me, all I could eat. Sometimes I would sneak some out in a bowl to eat in bed at home when I ran out of my own cheese.

You would imagine the glee I felt and the restraint I had to use when I discovered Cheese People (around the time I found Bread People last week). The folks in the office thought I was being choked by an angry reader or co-worker. No, I was laughing at Cheese People.

All your favorite stars are here: Grandpa Muenster, Bruce Stringsteen, Chevre Chase, and even rapper Ricotta Ross holding it down with producer Swiss Beatz. Look out for the Provolone Ranger, who will be signing autographs for the baby-boomers in the lobby. For you sports fans out there, bring a basketball for Larry Curd to sign. It's all gouda, home Cheddar-Cheese slice.

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