Your Meme of the Week: Ham Face Girl Eats Her Own Face

If there was ever a reason for me to want to have kids, it's this video of a little girl eating a ham mask off her face. I have been tip-toeing around the idea of knocking someone up in a bar bathroom, and the promise of having a child of this caliber has sealed the deal. Look out world, we're making ham-face-eating babies. With websites.

This sounds and looks awfully familiar, because I sort of remember doing this with ham-and-cheese loaf in the '80s when I was little. If only my parents would have filmed that with their suitcase-sized camcorder, I'd be rich and sexy now.

I know that with the right mate I could make a child that would eat anything off their face, or faces, if the Jesus gave us twins. Yogurt, sushi, beef ribs, taco salads--and if they got straight As on their last progress report, Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, even the cranberry sauce. (But not the green bean casserole, because that's for Daddy to eat in a big bowl in his lap while watching nine hours of Dune.)

Goldfrapp "Eat Yourself"

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Craig Hlavaty
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