Your Meme of the Week: Happy Keanu

Your internet meme this week is Happy Keanu, following this summer's Sad Keanu, Helmet Keanu, Standing Keanu, and Muffin-Eating Keanu. This one follows the same trend as this fall's Prancing Michael Cera and Strutting Leo, injecting some happiness into the forlorn-prone Keanu memes.

Plus, WTF is he holding a camera for? He's actually filming a movie in the pic, but it doesn't explain the giddy smile.

A recent interview with Reeves uncovered that the star of Speed and The Matrix Trilogy actually knows all about his newfound memery and thinks it's "conceptually funny" - you can't help but wonder if he's just posing to get us all off.

Either way, we dig Happy Keanu. He makes our hearts smile and gives us hope that the world can change and we can all live in harmony one day, very soon. The smile in the picture reminds us of being a fat kid in the '90s, getting off the school bus and running home to eat the frozen Snickers we hid in the freezer.

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