Your Meme Of The Week: Is Jesus A Jerk?

How was Christian graphic artist Larry Van Pelt to know that when he set out to depict Jesus Christ helping his followers through everyday tasks like pulling teeth, lifting weights, or driving a diesel rig that one day, with some slight but profound alterations, that they would almost make me pee my pants with laughter and repressed shame?

This was obviously before the Meme Gods roamed the Internets, looking for fodder to make office drones chuckle and stoners cry with laughter. The popular "Jesus Is A Jerk" meme isn't the most friendly meme, in fact, it may cause you to get in serious arguments with friends and co-workers.

The folks behind Jesus Is A Jerk write their own conversations for Jesus and his earthly followers. And most of the time, Jesus is very much being a jerk.

Sure it's blasphemous, but the joke isn't in the idea that it's Jesus himself trying to goad a pregnant lady into pushing herself down some stairs, or heckling a biker. It's the grinning image of a long-haired man in a white robe being an utter prick that's hilarious.

Like I said, it's not for the born-again, saved friends on your Facebook friends list. Even with my Christian upbringing, I still had to contain my laughter on this one.

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