Your Meme of the Week: Jumping Rob Pattinson

Just in time for the December 4th release of Twilight: Eclipse on DVD comes your newest meme, Jumping Rob Pattinson. He's lean, he's mean, he's wearing black boxer briefs, and he's here to steal the thunder from Prancing Cera and Struttin' Leo.

We've never seen any of the Twilight movies, save for a variety of women in our lives threatening to make us watch them. But since we're strong and incredibly handsome, they have not succeeded, and instead were relegated to making us a sandwich (like they're supposed to).

Though we do want to see the film adaptation of Breaking Dawn because we heard that Kristen Stewart is naked for some of it, and that there's a baby vampire that eats blood from inside her womb--which is totally metal.

You can make your Jumping Rob meme here, or you can jump on Photoshop and do your own. Before we die, we want to be a meme. Maybe if we get an incurable disease named after us we can make this happen.

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