Your Meme of the Week: Stick Your Head in the Freezer

This week, as I slowly came to life after what seemed like two straight weeks of food, booze, and inordinately large amounts of sleep, I found your Meme Of The Week.

I didn't need a meme to tell me that sticking your head in a freezer is refreshing and fun. Growing up a fat kid in Texas, it's the only relief you have from the heat of the summer, a spirited game of Super Mario Bros. 3, or just walking from your room to the kitchen. Plus, there's ice cream in freezers, and ice cream tastes good (at least better than my dumb fat feelings). Husky jeans are not as fun as they sound.

This meme was created by artist David Horovitz in April 2009, and it lay dormant for much of the next year before catching fire again this past week on Tumblr and the Internet at large.

The trick is that you must tag the file name of any picture of your head in the freezer with the number 241543903, so that on a Google image search it comes up immediately for the world to see. It's that simple. Taking a picture of yourself with your head in a freezer is a little more complicated. That's why around the Houston Press office, no one asks me questions anymore. It will just hurt your brain.

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Craig Hlavaty
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