Your Meme of the Week: Tai Chi Keanu

Keanu Reeves officially knows that he is a walking meme, so now he spends his days baiting us trolls on the Internets by posing himself in ridiculous positions. Your meme of the week is Tai Chi Keanu.

In photos taken by paparazzi over Halloween weekend, the actor was seen doing Tai Chi Chuan stances and moves under a tree dressed like a homeless Keanu Reeves. Obviously these moves are easily dropped into Photoshop to create something more hilarous than we could imagine.

We once saw a hippie doing Tai Chi in the park near our house when we were growing up and some older kids went and bought a Coke Icee from the gas station a few blocks away and threw it at his head. Good times.

That's all we know about Tai Chi, really.

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