Your Meme of the Week: The Most Interesting Man in the World

This week's meme is one I know that we've all been doing over and over in our heads for years. When Dos Equis, my bro-beer of choice and giver of hellacious heartburn, came out with the "Most Interesting Man In The World," it was a game-changer.

Finally a beer commercial was instilling self-worth in us. Finally we could feel empowered by drinking beer with a wedge of lime in it. For years, beer ads had been beating us down with facts about hops and great taste and backdoor ASPCA slogans, that we felt more like we were being preached to. But then comes along an actor to express our lives in advertisement form. Praise the heavens (NSFW).

People like me are pretty damn interesting, and we need to be around people who are just as interesting or as sexy. I mean come on, I write for seventeen blogs and I have a George Strait tattoo and I am connected by blood to Pancho Villa. People like me needed someone we could look up to in beer commercials for once.

I'm not a sexy broad in a bikini, nor am I a famous sports star with a hot wife, and it's not for lack of trying; I just don't want to have any of that. I could be a pretty lady but I don't want to be. Right now.

So the meme gods brought us the Meme Generator to make your Most Interesting Man In The World pictures. I don't always make my own memes, but when I do I make sure to lace them with bitter irony and shout-outs to my own sadness and misfortune. High five!

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Craig Hlavaty
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