Your Meme of the Week: Whither Philosoraptor?

With his queries on life, love, and social mores, Philosoraptor has helped us ask the tough questions for the past year. If women aren't meant to stay in the kitchen, why are they filled with milk and eggs? Or how can she slap?

All important things we ponder every day, and thankfully Philosoraptor is around to goad us into deep thinking in our dirty, banal world.

Also velociraptors were pretty bitching in Jurassic Park. Remember when those bastards were trying to kill those kids in the kitchen and the raptors were all like, "Reeeeeeeer!" and the kids didn't have guns and stuff so they had to outsmart them? Raptors are like, the sharks of the land, just like alligators are the sharks of fresh water.

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