Your Meme of the Week: YOU!

You know what, screw celebrities. Who deserves to be a meme more than you, the common man? I know what you're saying, "But I'm not as fun and interesting as Keanu Reeves," and I'm inclined to agree with you, seeing that you more than likely didn't star in Point Break or in two Bill & Ted movies.

See, all you really need is photo-editing software, large-size "Impact" font, and a stupid picture of your dumbass cat or dog (or even yourself) looking ridiculous. It's worked for the past three years with the I Can Haz Cheeseburger people, so why can't you make your own?

If you're ever the victim of a crime or interviewed for the local news, be sure to act as batshit crazy as you want. And why not speak in a weird accent and make up catchphrases while you're at it? In fact, act nuts everywhere you go, because everyone has a Flip camera now, and you want to be caught at Taco Bell having a freak-out over a burrito. It worked for countless others this year. Why not also run for an obscure political office?

That's why I made my own meme this week here at work because I'm extremely vain and disgusting and wanted to waste company time. It's just a picture of me as a child, about three or so, lamenting the awful things I would have to look forward to for the next two decades. Miss Yvonne, my favorite soap, macaroni and cheese, and Peter Gabriel.

So there you have it. Click off this blog and make your own meme, or go get arrested and take a really bad mugshot. The world is yours. Heaven in 2011.

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Craig Hlavaty
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