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Your Valentine's Day Dress Guide

Valentine's Day is coming and you have a hot date--what to wear? Whether you are going out to dinner, seeing a show, or some combination thereof, it's always nice to look your best; this holds true whether your hot date is your significant other, or your own badass self.

There's no better place than the Internet when shopping/dreaming/compiling a wish list of great looks for Valentine's Day. Never fear, gents, there are a few suggestions for you as well.


When you build a house, you don't start with the roof, do you? Nope, you lay a foundation. So, boys and girls, start with your foundational garments. Guys should skip the silk boxers (unless your significant other is a major '90s music video fan) and work with a more modern boxer-brief. But hey, if you're a Speedo guy--go for it.

Ladies, try to find a happy medium between Fredericks of Hollywood and Mennonite Mom. La Perla and Agent Provocateur are nice, but you can probably find something reasonable at your local department store, or even Target. This Shop Your Shape lingerie slideshow from Women's Health Mag actually has really cute, affordable options. Thinking about red, for Valentine's Day? Think about whether it will show through your outfit first. If you need a slip, purchase one and look for one in nude that will be neutral under sheer clothing, and skip elaborate embroidery that might peek through. This low-back slip from Victoria's Secret ($29.50) is super-sexy and super practical--two things that don't always happen at the same time.

Choosing a Dress

Invariably, Valentine's Day dates involve some sort of meal. Not only do you want to be comfortable after you've stuffed yourself full of your favorite aphrodisiacs, you also want your garment to hold up to extended periods of sitting; standing up after dinner with a lap full of wrinkles sucks--at least crumbs brush off. Guys get off easy here (as usual) since "pants, shirt, tie, belt, shoes" all sort of do the same thing, all the time. Jerks.

A few dresses to consider:

• Shabby Apple "The Red Queen" ($88): Red, check. Lace, check. Demurely sexy, check. Not into red? Try the pink ($96).

• White House|Black Market Sleeveless Knit Dot Sheath ($140): A retro vibe and sleek shape keep the sex-appeal classy; add a belt for definition. Prefer a classic sheath shape? The Sleeveless Swirl Colorblock ($150) is attention-grabbing.

• Alice + Olivia (Neiman Marcus) Oversized-Top Ruched-Skirt Dress ($297): If you're straight it will add curves, if you're curvy it will fit you in all the right places, and it comes in a pretty, light metallic gold.

Staying In

All these rules and suggestions? Toss 'em. Wear whatever you want--sweats, red lingerie under a white silk dress (sans slip), Speedos and a bow tie--go crazy! Just remember to close the blinds.

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