Zelda at the Symphony is Truly Legendary

Having covered the last two Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concerts, it was a treat to see another iconic video game soundtrack get the orchestral treatment in Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. The Koji Kondo themes that make up the 25-year-old series have remained some of the most memorable in video game music history, and manage to somehow maintain their innovation despite constant repetition.

The crowd was a definitely as expected, a solid mix of fans from across the age groups. I was served merlot by a bartender with a tattoo of the Hyrulian crest peaking out of his shirt. He admitted that it was done in sharpie until he could afford the real deal. There were a few less cosplayers than I would've expected, but I sat near an 11-year-old boy fully-decked out in classic Link attire and armed with the Master Sword. Several folks bearing Majora's Masks could be seen but appropriately darted away when I tried to get close enough for pictures.

Unlike the music of Final Fantasy, most compositions from Zelda are not really meant to be played at a concert level. The pieces are too short, especially the most famous ones. What we ended up with were a selection of medleys that appropriately summed up a game series that has always had a pretty fractured chronology until Nintendo finally released an official timeline.

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