Bob Ruggiero

Bob Ruggiero

Bob Ruggiero has been writing about music, books, and entertainment for the Houston Press since 1997, with an emphasis on classic rock. He used to have an incredible and luxurious mullet in college as well. He is the author of the band biography Slippin’ Out of Darkness: The Story of WAR.

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  • 2 days ago | Art Rock

    A Genesis in My Bed: The Autobiography By Steve Hackett 208 pp. $29.99 Wymer Publishing While his name may not be as familiar to casual classic rock fans has his former bandmates in Genesis, guitarist Steve Hackett has had a surprisingly long and ...

  • 4 days ago | Coronavirus

    Pizza. It’s probably the most beloved – and often simplest to make – food on the planet. You’ve probably had a slice or several in the past week. Or you’re thinking about it now. And for you kids, according to analytics it’s the “Most Instagrammed...

  • 5 days ago | Books

    If you’re a fan of the band America – the trio behind such classic rock warhorses as, well, “A Horse with No Name” along with “Sister Golden Hair,” “Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man,” “Lonely People,” “Sandman,” “I Need You,” and “You Can Do Magic,” you...

  • 10 days ago | Books

    And In the End: The Last Days of the Beatles By Ken McNab 320 pp. $28.99 Thomas Dunne Books By the summer of 1969, the finely-tuned motorcar that was the Beatles was nearing “E” on its collective gas tank. There was a grimness that had fallen over...

  • 15 days ago | Books

    For nearly 30 years, he provided the big backbeat behind Billy Joel as a core member of his band for hundreds of concerts around the world and on a string of hugely successful records. The two also formed a deep personal relationship, enjoying goo...

  • 23 days ago | Country Music

    Like all musicians in the Age of Coronavirus, singer/guitarist/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter has been forced to alter her usual professional life. Instead of being on tour right now opening up for Sugarland or playing duo dates with Shawn Colvi...

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