Cameron Martinez

Cameron Martinez

Houston Press contributor Cameron Martinez uses his extensive knowledge of headbanging and bumping into people to give readers an inside look at the city’s music scene. He often tag-teams shows with his camera-savvy wife Jennifer Lake.

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  • 7 days ago | Concerts

    “Fuck it, I haven't done this shit in a long time” — a famous string of words, often recited right before performing a regretful act, was the last phrase uttered by rapper Schoolboy Q before removing his hat and stage diving into the crowd. "Maaan...

  • 10 days ago | Concerts

    Halloween might be over but the scariness continued at Warehouse Live on Friday night with musician and famed internet personality Poppy. Beginning her career in 2014 with a series of YouTube videos such as her saying “Hi, I’m Poppy” in different ...

  • 19 days ago | Concerts

    Drums displaying skeleton hands holding up the numbers “4” and “1” (the 1 being the middle finger) towered above the crowd as Sum 41 took to the stage in Houston Wednesday night. Bringing their Order in Decline Tour to White Oak Music Hall, the Ca...

  • 22 days ago | Listen Up!

    Even if you weren't into punk-rock back in the 2000s, there's a good chance you've heard some of the genre's most catchy hits. With the pop-punk scene on the rise early in the decade, ear-candy tunes were not only being played on the radio, but al...

  • 25 days ago | Listen Up!

    Modern mainstream hip-hop can be very gimmicky these days. Face tattoos, brightly dyed hair, million dollar necklaces, and extravagant stage productions can have the mind racing to keep up with everything that is going on. So when an artist transf...

  • 2 months ago | Listen Up!

    How many times have you gone to see a show and there isn’t a connection between the crowd and the band? As time progresses, some bands lose the ability to match the energy the crowd will bring.

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