Carlos Brandon

Carlos Brandon

Houston Press contributor Carlos Brandon is a freelance writer, blogger, and self proclaimed Houston hip hop historian. He contributes to various publications and can usually be found haggling with food truck cooks or talking politics on the METRO Rail.

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  • 2 days ago | Concerts

    "The man who left this city with nothing and conquered the world." Dave Chappelle's unexpected appearance on stage at Astroworld Fest to introduce Travis Scott was punctuated by the statement above. A summation of the incredible, improbable rise o...

  • 3 days ago | Concerts

    Nothing makes the world feel smaller and more connected like niche internet fandoms. Transcending borders, cultures, even language, the fanatic devotion of online followings is a fascinating and rather heartwarming side-effect of a perpetually log...

  • 7 days ago | Here, Eat This

    As we round out the second month of this weekly column, one thing is becoming more clear with every slice — Houston's pizza treasures are abundant. The city of fajitas and dumplings hides, in plain sight, a sprawling community of pie joints as bou...

  • 15 days ago | Here, Eat This

    Let's get something out of the way for all my fellow potential dyslexics out there. It's Fia's, not Fiat's Pizzeria. And what exactly is Fia's Pizzeria, you ask. It is a relatively new fast-casual individual pizza concept — in the vein of Mod...

  • 22 days ago | Here, Eat This

    There is a pizza spectrum. That’s right — a pizza spectrum. On one end of this spectrum the word “Italian” is printed boldly in red, white and green letters. On the other end, the word “American.” Every pie sold in the United States hovers somewhe...

  • 27 days ago | Concerts

    "We will never be easy to categorize musically." Annabel Liddell, front-woman of the New Zealand punk outfit Miss June, is no stranger to challenging both labels and expectations. In 2013, the same year she began medical school, she recruited the ...

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