Clint Hale

Clint Hale

Clint Hale enjoys music and writing, so that kinda works out. He likes small dogs and the Dallas Cowboys, as you can probably tell. Clint has been writing for the Houston Press since April 2016.

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  • 5 days ago | Music

    Jay-Z couldn’t do it, though his buddy Eminem got close. DMX was able to pull off the feat, and of course, the human chart-topper that is Drake had no trouble notching such an achievement. Each of these artists is considered among hip-hop royalty,...

  • 10 days ago | Music

    Until Friday night, I’d never seen Miranda Lambert in concert, and this is a shame. Not only does Lambert boast one of the most impressive catalogs in country music over the past decade-plus, turns out she’s one hell of a performer to boot. She pr...

  • 21 days ago | Music

    Entertainers don’t often change course mid-stride. Well, at least not successfully. Jose Altuve isn’t all of a sudden going to become a .250 hitter who rakes in 50 homers a year. James Harden isn’t going to become a defensive stopper. Imagine Drag...

  • 25 days ago | Comedy

    Bill Burr’s success lies in his ability to be a common man while not actually being one at all. Burr has had roles in Breaking Bad and Chappelle’s Show, two of the most influential television programs of their time. He has sold out clubs and other...

  • 29 days ago | Music

    MARTINDALE – Float Fest is one of those festivals that always sounded like a better idea in theory than in actual practice. We take tens of thousands of partiers, have them camp on spacious ranch grounds for a couple nights and shuttle them to the...

  • 1 month ago | Comedy

    Like many a high-profile industries, stand-up comedy is perhaps under a greater microscope than ever. Between social media, 24-hour news and the like, people are more easily offended than ever, or at the very least, far more vocal about it. Bill B...


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