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  • 8 years ago | Music

    In the last year, Houston pianist Jade Simmons has traveled to New York City, Greece, Italy and St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Tchaikovsky Competition as a Web cast host. Now Simmons, who was recently named by the Houston Press as "Best Arts Amba...

  • 8 years ago | Film and TV

    In thinking of great movies, we remember the actors and directors who made the films stellar. But rarely do we delve into the more technical aspects that bring them authenticity and trigger our emotions, especially the musical portion. To discuss ...

  • 8 years ago | Wine Time

    To research her new book Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest for the World's Best Bargain Wines, Natalie MacLean traveled to wineries in eight countries including Australia and Italy over a five-year period. Each chapter in Unquenchable pairs a wine with ...

  • 8 years ago | Film and TV

    Local filmmaker Zach Jankovic wants your help in making his documentary. The Astronaut's Secret is about former astronaut Rich Clifford. What makes Clifford's story different is that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease prior to participating...

  • 8 years ago | Fashion

    The worst thing about Halloween, besides that it doesn't last all year, is deciding what to dress up as. Some choices are redundant (ooh, a witch, yawn), but new options can get you compliments for your creativity. Looks such as superheroes, pirat...

  • 8 years ago | 100 Creatives

    Hot Pixel Action from HotPixelAction! on Vimeo.What he does: When Tim Thomson was eight years old, he picked up his parents' Super 8 camera and started making monster movies. Today he is the director of Hot Pixel Action!, a video production collab...

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