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    Ryder and Reeves spend the entire movie preoccupied only with one another, despite their characters’ intimate associations with the betrothed couple

  • The working-class, mid-20th-century Liverpudlian characters who populate Terence Davies' Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988) sometimes glance in the direction of the camera, their self-conscious near-posing and the director's portrait-like...

  • Support the Girls marks a thorough airing out of a most welcome subgenre: the workplace comedy of escalating crises. Unyieldingly patient Lisa (Regina Hall) runs an off-the-highway Texas sports bar, Double Whammies, with characteristic...

  • Set within the remote planet of Brooklyn intelligentsia, Ricky D’Ambrose's hourlong Notes on an Appearance relays a narrative teeming with incident -- death, disappearance -- through an elusive yet methodical style. The inciting...

  • In many Martin Scorsese movies, the characters' frustrations and passions -- Jake LaMotta's jealousy, Jordan Belfort's greed -- bubble up to the surface, exploding in plain view. In The Age of Innocence (1993), Scorsese's goosebump-good...

  • Emil (Elliott Crosset Hove), the hero of Hlynur Palmason's Winter Brothers, works in a forbiddingly austere setting -- a chalk-mining factory in a remote enclave of Denmark -- and yet he moves through this rigid world with an air of...

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