• @drdougla
    21 September, 2019

    RT @NerdyWonka: The classic "y'all hear this sh****t?!" Every Black person knows this face and head turn. 😂😂😂 https://t.co/dPOvlrKyjx

  • @drdougla
    20 September, 2019

    RT @exavierpope: It’s not only inherently racist for Republicans to bring Candace Owens in front of the House, it’s implicitly and explicit…

  • @drdougla
    20 September, 2019

    RT @exavierpope: It’s inherently racist and insulting of our intelligence to bring someone before a branch of government with ZERO educatio…

  • @drdougla
    20 September, 2019

    RT @EzraelAni: Today’s episode of crazy things men do when they are alone 😂😂 https://t.co/kLnmA9DKGb

  • @drdougla
    19 September, 2019

    RT @TheAtlantic: "Decades ago, administrators at UT calculated that standardized tests would tamp down the number of African Americans at U…


DeVaughn Douglas

DeVaughn Douglas

Houston Press contributor DeVaughn Douglas is a freelance writer, blogger, and podcaster. He's written for Hip Hop publications including AllHipHop.com and Ozone Magazine. He is 1/2 of the In My Humble Opinion Podcast, 1/6 of the Virtual Reality Caravan Podcast, and 1/1 of the Sleep and Procrastination Society. (That last one isn't a podcast; he just procrastinates and sleeps a lot.)

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    The deep, red lights in the House of Blues gradually shifted to a blue hue as Elbee Thrie sat slumped on the steps beneath Aja Grant. Grant played the keyboard while Thrie, dreads covering his face, belted out soft, soulful notes. Bass guitarists,...

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    Al Pacino’s Scarface played on the screen at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion as the houselights came down. The sound from the film faded out and the familiar plucking of guitar strings from Nas’ “The Message” softly drifted from the speakers. ...

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