Erika Kwee

Erika Kwee

Erika Kwee is a freelance food writer, photographer and contributor to the Houston Press who particularly enjoys exploring the many unique sweet spots around Houston. She is constantly on the hunt for exceptional pad thai, vegetarian dumplings and pancakes.

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  • 5 days ago | Vegetarian

    From a dish prominently featuring mock meat at a high-brow Galleria restaurant to a creative sandwich that combines avocado toast, burrata and a croissant, here is your irregularly scheduled reminder that vegetarian food is delicious too. Vegetari...

  • 2 months ago | Restaurant News

    I was in the middle of microwaving a sad desk lunch in my office breakroom when my coworker dropped two phrases that caught my immediate attention. They were “xiao long bao” and “Midtown.” There is no shortage of moments in which dumpling cravings...

  • 3 months ago | Bakeries

    When I visited Istanbul in 2016 with some friends, we essentially ate our way through the city. Our Turkish classmate introduced us to Turkish breakfast, featuring strong black tea, mild cheese, olives and tomato-y menemen; we ate warm, elastic gö...

  • 3 months ago | Restaurant News

    Stumped for exciting vegetarian options? We've got you covered with these eight options that will take you on an exciting tour for your tastebuds inside the loop. Eggplant from Maba Pan-Asian Diner: Those who hate eggplant should give it a second ...

  • 4 months ago | Creative Cooking

    When I arrive at my friend Judy's house—the site of our Syrian cooking class for the night—Wafdiya has already assigned my friend Isabel to sorting through a large pile of parsley, bunching the stems into a neat bouquet. Bags of rice, cartons of d...

  • 7 months ago | Food Fight

    I truly can't say whether this taste test was born out of a scientific curiosity around queso, or just an unquenchable, gluttonous thirst to exist in a room with 20 containers of hot, creamy cheese. I suspect the latter, but if this specific brand...

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