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Jef Rouner

Jef Rouner

Jef Rouner is a contributing writer who covers politics, pop culture, social justice, video games, and online behavior. He is often a professional annoyance to the ignorant and hurtful.

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  • 4 days ago | Election

    The night before the 2016 presidential election, I was thinking a lot about my favorite president, Chester A. Arthur. Like Donald Trump, Arthur was a thoroughly corrupt New York dandy who never should have even come close to the presidency. As hea...

  • 15 days ago | Election

    While the election of Joe Biden to the presidency is a call for celebration after four years of corruption, lies, and incompetency, the Democratic Party got some rude awakenings this cycle. The left just wouldn’t be the left if we didn’t immediate...

  • 16 days ago | Election

    One of the most emotional moments of the 2020 election cycle came during the Democratic National Convention. Amid all the stars and political bigwigs was 13-year-old Brayden Harrington, who in an emotional video talked about how President-Elect Jo...

  • 17 days ago | Working

    A lot of Texans are looking for work right now, and because it’s the end of the year very few companies are hiring. If you’re one of the people whose unemployment has run out while we wait for the next round of stimulus, you might be grasping at a...

  • 28 days ago | Video

    As one of the hardest and most bizarre years in a generation limps slowly to a close under a dreary, cold rain, Athens, Georgia band Easter Island finds its members scattered to the winds with no stage to bring their music to an audience. Keyboard...

  • 30 days ago | Election

    In one of the weirder incidences of an already weird year, a Jersey Village woman ended up running in terror from a man screaming voter fraud conspiracy theories at her as she tried to mail her holiday cards on Monday. Becky Courington is in a hig...

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