Jef Rouner

Jef Rouner

Jef Rouner is a contributing writer who covers politics, pop culture, social justice, video games, and online behavior. He is often a professional annoyance to the ignorant and hurtful.

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  • 4 days ago | Doctor Who

    After weeks of speculation that Doctor Who fans might get a surprise Christmas special or at least a trailer for Series 12 (Season 38), instead we got something quite a bit different. It was a look at a new Doctor Who virtual reality video game ca...

  • 12 days ago | Crime

    On Friday, November 1, a man walked into Houston's famous morbid curiosity shop, The Wilde Collection on Yale, and set it on fire with gasoline. Police later arrested local artist Jonathan Jindra, best known as part of the performance art duo Cycl...

  • 15 days ago | Pop Culture

    The time is perfect for a really well done Harry Potter fan film, and Kelsey Ellison’s short feature Sisters of House Black delivers that. You should watch it before the copyright police find out. The movie opens right after Voldemort is apparentl...

  • 15 days ago | Video

    Spoilers ahead for The Surge and its sequel. The Surge 2 improves on the original in many ways, but its new storyline loses its predecessor’s razor-sharp critique of corporate greed and cruelty as well as one of the very, very few disabled protago...

  • 18 days ago | Video

    Clipping (sometimes stylized as clipping.) produces some of the greatest music videos of the last decade, and most of them are terrifying. With Halloween almost upon us, let’s take a ride through the disturbed and wonderful work of the group. I fi...

  • 18 days ago | Gaming

    Christmas is coming up, which is very apparent if you’ve stepped into any store with a Halloween section dying like an unwatered plant as Santa Claus annexes the Pumpkin King’s territory. Still, it’s a good idea to start buying presents early, and...

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