Jesse Sendejas Jr.

Jesse Sendejas Jr.

Jesse’s been writing for the Houston Press since 2013. His work has appeared elsewhere, notably on the desk of the English teacher of his high school girlfriend, Tish. The teacher recognized Jesse’s writing and gave Tish a failing grade for the essay. Tish and Jesse celebrated their 33rd anniversary as a couple in October.

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    Doing a cross-country phone interview might not sound like the best way to spend part of one’s day off – particularly if that day off followed a 36-hour day – but that’s what Eliza Klatt did on the second day of her first U.S. music tour. Klatt is...

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    Celine Dion Toyota Center February 1, 2020 Celine Dion spent most of this century conquering Las Vegas and the live music industry with a pair of lucrative concert residencies. If you were lucky to have seen her perform any of the more than 1,000 ...

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    On the phone with a modern master of the subject, we ask Danez Smith about words. Smith is one of America’s rising literary stars, a black, queer, gender-neutral, HIV-positive writer from St. Paul, Minnesota whose latest collection, Homie, just re...

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