Jesse Sendejas Jr.

Jesse Sendejas Jr.

Jesse’s been writing for the Houston Press since 2013. His work has appeared elsewhere, notably on the desk of the English teacher of his high school girlfriend, Tish. The teacher recognized Jesse’s writing and gave Tish a failing grade for the essay. Tish and Jesse celebrated their 33rd anniversary as a couple in October.

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  • 4 hours ago | Concerts

    When doomsday goes down and you’re looking for heroes, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? The police? The government? The government totally sucks, you motherfuckers! The world could do much worse than turning to the Devil-battle-tested, Holy Grail...

  • 1 day ago | Concerts

    I’m no Van Helsing, but I’m pretty sure Brody Dalle and The Distillers are vampires. My hunch comes from some of the titles of the band’s biggest hits, “Coral Fang,” “I Am a Revenant” or “Drain the Blood,” for example. While the veteran California...

  • 12 days ago | Concerts

    Lizzo's phenomenally successful breakthrough album is titled Cuz I Love You, but the phenomenally successful tour in support of the album is dubbed "Cuz I Love You Too." There's good reason for that, according to the artist, who grew up in Houston...

  • 13 days ago | Listen Up!

    This afternoon, the Houston Astros begin in earnest their pursuit of a second World Series title in three years. There was a time ‘round these parts when that seemed impossible, so the chase is something to truly celebrate. As we all know, no cele...

  • 21 days ago | Concerts

    Houston’s no stranger to concert cancellations or postponements. There was a whole slate of scrapped shows just last week thanks to our ongoing struggle with tropical rainstorms. And, any time Morrissey is on the bill, one must prepare a plan B fo...

  • 21 days ago | Punk Rock

    In May 2019, there were several mass shootings in the United States. Politicians allowed wildfires to burn uncontrollably in the Amazonian rain forest. Wars raged in the world’s typical hot spots. Donald Trump was still the American president. And...

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